Your working relationship with your business writer is a key part of your joint success. Generally, I expect you to provide the ideas for your business document. If you have graphics or reference documents, all the better. If not, I can certainly find the right graphics as well as conduct literature searches and market research on your behalf.

If you are like most business people, you know what you want to say … getting it down on paper in a short time frame is your big challenge. I know how to listen and rapidly craft documents that capture your ideas.

It’s far faster and more effective for you to critique a document I write than to draft one of your own “from scratch.” I take advantage of that by writing material quickly and submitting it for your review. Our focused discussions of these draft documents allow us to move to a final version very quickly while using your time and mine to best advantage.

Using a good template accelerates the process of writing a business document. I’ll recommend templates that are generally recognized as the pace setters. But the notion that “one size fits all” clearly doesn’t work. A template is just a starting point. You and I will quickly tailor a template to meet your specific needs.

You will get a product you can use immediately and change in the future.
By working as colleagues and leveraging our respective talents and knowledge, we can move quickly to produce business documents of remarkably high quality.


You provide the ideas.
I craft the document quickly.
You critique it.