Why Hire a Business Writer?

You hire a business writer for the same reason you hire a plumber, a car mechanic, or a dentist.  Writing is simply not as simple!  Most of my clients have tried to write their own documents and given up.  They couldn’t get started.  Or if they got started, they couldn’t finish the job.  (One of my clients worked on her business plan for 18 months before she started working with me!  We knocked the whole thing out in 2 months once we got started.)

Very few people have developed the discipline of writing at a high standard.  Instead, they’ve focused on the issues that are central to their profession or business – and that is how it should be.  A good business writer will take your ideas and craft the messages that reflect your intent, your passion, and your nuances.  A good business writer will let you ramble through all your thoughts and then use his background and judgment to present your message in the best light possible.  At the same time, he needs to apply all those grammatical rules that everyone studied in high school but no one remembers!  He needs to present your message with a sense of ease and sophistication.

It has often been said that writing is the most difficult thing you can do that does not involve heavy lifting.

You need to hire a business writer to allow you to spend your time doing what you do best.