Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 4.51.51 PM“Writing my business plan forced me to think through all aspects of my company. Jan asked all the right questions and let me give my own answers. Then he wrote a document that’s easy to read, compelling, and attractive. When we finished the job, even my most critical colleagues said it carried exactly the right message. If you want to write a business plan with minimum hassle, call Jan.”

Ken Langtry, Owner, Tarpline Inc.
nautisol logo“Jan literally rescued our business plan. Our business partners all agreed that we had a great business idea but our business plan was dry and boring. Within a week Jan changed the entire look of our plan, added punch to our message, created graphics that reinforced our message, and completely restructured the layout. Now we have a business plan that’s a delight to read. I would recommend Jan to anyone who needs a solid, modern business document.”

Don Stein, President, Nautisol Corporation

Top Notch Joinery“I won a contract with Parks Canada – with Jan’s help. The two of us worked together to craft a proposal in response to a government RFP. The job was right up my alley, but writing a winning proposal just wasn’t my cup of tea. Jan and I worked together to write a proposal that captured my ideas in a formal proposal that was instrumental in landing the contract for me. Jan lived up to his motto: “Fast, Affordable, Friendly.” From now on, I plan to call him whenever I need to write a proposal.”

Paul Heron, Owner, Top-Notch Joinery Services

LaFiesta Logo“When we needed a business plan –we needed it fast! Jan leapt into action within two hours and put together a first draft in only one day.  Jaw dropping speed and quality!  He understood our business immediately and delivered a product that got us through our first meeting with our banker.  And it didn’t cost an arm and a leg, either.

Angie and Cuauh Sanchez, Owners, La Fiesta Café

CW logo“Working with Jan has been an absolute pleasure. I’m extremely satisfied with his speed and creative ability to cut through the difficult process. The results of working with Jan to produce my plan have been nothing short of phenomenal.”

Don Dobbie, Regional Director, City Wide Coupon Directory

North America Mining Logo“Jan wrote a series of articles in the form of feature interviews on the hard rock mining industry in the Yukon for North America Mining. I was delighted to work with him because he not only grasped the key issues so quickly, but also was able to commit them to paper succinctly. His style is business-like and yet entertaining. In his articles, he boils his interviews down to only the most salient points and delivers them with punch. I suspect Jan could write articles on any subject matter. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him on an ongoing basis.”

Michael McGrath, Editor, North America Mining

Rabbit Hole“This was our first business plan and we didn’t know what to expect.  We knew we needed a business plan but we didn’t know what that involved or how to write it.  Working with Jan was a genuine pleasure.  It was clear he was dedicated to our success and he kept our spirits up when the going got tough.  He understood what we wanted to say and he said it for us.

We would definitely recommend Jan for any new business owner who needs a top quality business plan.”

Lauren Wilson, Co-Owner, Down the Rabbit Hole


lookatchu“We were ready to launch a new product ideally suited for photographers at small schools.  Our software product would enable them to build beautiful school yearbooks at reasonable prices – and nice profits.  We needed investment money fast because we were working against a deadline. Jan collected the material he needed very quickly and put together a plan we were proud to take to investors. ”

Robert Snowie, President,


nvfitness pink logo j“I’m passionate about fitness and helping others get fit.  I’ve worked for half a dozen fitness studios and learned their strengths and weaknesses.  Last spring I was ready to start my own business that was geared to a niche market no one else was addressing.  I was excited.

I needed a loan.  And I needed a business plan that not only captured the essence of my business but would fly at the bank as well.  I needed something exciting and solid at the same time.  Jan worked closely with me to build a plan that did both.  We thought through the business dynamics and the financial story together.  I not only got a business plan, I got a business education at the same time.”

Kelli Telford, Owner, NV Fitness


MyMaMaMeYa logo 3-03“After running a very successful indoor play program business for children in China, I wanted to do the same thing in Canada.  I already had a draft of my business plan, but it wasn’t ready for prime time. Jan spruced it up in a matter of weeks.  His upgrade kept all my ideas and presented them with impact and authority.  He added graphics and tables and charts that made it come alive.  Although the level of effort proved to be greater than either of us had expected, he didn’t try to jack his price up.  He delivered a document that presented my business in the best possible light and would grab the attention of the investors I needed.”

Jeremy Crossman, Owner, MyMaMaMiYa


Fotolia_78991480_M“When a business partner and I were ready to launch our web site geared to the needs of senior citizens all across Canada, we recruited Jan to write our business plan.  He tackled the job with knowledge and enthusiasm.  As it turned out, his help in thinking through the business model, the mechanics of our financial projections, and our organizational structure proved to be extremely valuable.  He didn’t just write the plan for us; he helped us think through our business.  And he seemed to always be available for advice and assistance. If you’re looking for someone who will work with you as a partner rather than ‘just someone who writes the business plan,’ I recommend you talk with Jan.  He seems to have the business background to develop a strategy for almost any venture.”

Elaine Weidner, Galatea Consulting Ltd.


agean innovationsI hired Jan Wall to help create a business plan for my start-up business in California.  Jan used an interview guide to capture all the key points and avoid redundancy. That process allowed us to reduce the number of iterations needed and he produced a plan that had a clear sense of flow and cohesion and was investor-ready.  I found Jan to be easy going, very knowledgeable, and business-savvy.  I highly recommend Jan to anyone seeking to develop a comprehensive and cost effective business plan.

Yanni Kalajakis, President and CEO, Aegean Innovations Corp.


EES Logo FinalWhen I saw a niche in the solar energy industry that no one else was addressing, I knew there was a fortune to be made. But, in order to raise the money I needed, I knew I had to have a highly credible, documented business plan.  My specialty is sales, not writing.

I hired Jan to write my business plan and was quickly impressed with how well he grasped the business I planned to launch, his perseverance in bringing the business plan to closure, and his skill in wordsmithing my ideas.  The plan we developed together helped immeasurably in raising $750 billion in funding for residential solar installations across the US.  I couldn’t have done it without him.

Darryl Howard, CEO, Endless Energy Solutions.


tp-logoWorking with Jan on my business plan was a genuine pleasure.  He came to the table with a template that made sense; he listened to my ideas and he captured them in compelling language.  He worked fast with a “get it done” attitude. Thumbs up.

When it comes to business plans, Jan knows what he’s doing.  He hit the road running with an action plan we could both work with.  I’d recommend him to anyone who needed a business plan.

When Jan and I started working on my business plan, he grasped my intent immediately and crafted a document that was right on target.  Over the course of only a few weeks he compiled a comprehensive plan I could use to seek funding to expand my company.  Hats off!

Justin Hearn, CEO, Training Partner