If you need a good business writer, you’ve come to the right place.  We are experienced in writing a wide range of business documents to very exacting standards.

How You Can Recognize Good Business Writing

A good business writer will capture your business ideas as well as your style and present both in a document that faithfully represents your unique message. At the same time, your documents need to adhere to the conventions that readers have come to expect in order to reinforce your credibility. You need to find a business writer who can handle these two objectives at the same time.

The Quality of Your Business Writing is Vital to Your Business

The quality of your business documentation determines whether you:

  • Win or lose multi-million proposals for goods and services.
  • Are exposed to litigation that jeopardizes your company and your career.
  • Establish clear expectations in an offer of employment that helps build a successful working relationship.
  • Submit a press release that triggers requests for interviews and feature articles or is seen as run-of-the mill.
  • Craft a business plan that is instrumental in raising the investment capital or bank loan you need – or falling flat.

This list can go on and on.  The value of superb business writing can not be overstated.

Jan is remarkably well skilled at listening to a client’s rambling discussion of a range of topics and capturing the essential ideas in a document that is accurate, succinct, comprehensive, easy to read, and compelling.  This is a very rare and valuable skill.

Business Writing is a Specialized Skill

Yet, unfortunately, few in business today are accomplished in writing business documents with the skill that is vital to deliver the results they want.  Business writing is a specialized skill.
Savvy executives who recognize how important business writing is will retain an expert business writer just as they would retain an expert tax accountant, attorney, or management consultant.
A good business writer will be fun to work with.  Your writer will be your partner and will take as much ownership for the quality of the final document as you do. In other words, a good business writer is far more than just a writer.

Our Sweet Spot: Business Units in the $1 Million to $25 Million Range

We work best with business units that have budgets in the range of $1 million to $25 million.  These business units can be small to medium range companies or business units within much larger corporations or government ministries.  We work with clients in both the public and private sectors.
Many of our clients have been startup ventures that are developing their business strategies at the same time they are developing their business planning documents. We work well with start-up companies as well.